India Unprepared: Rising Violent Anti CAA Protests & Shortage of 5 Lakh Police Personnel

India is witnessing rising violent protests against recent Anti Citizenship amendment Act 2019. Many cities,say Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Delhi, have already seen attacks on police personnel in these protests.

Though it is being understood that protesters have been misguided by many for political gains but we can not deny that protests are affecting common life and are posing considerable challenge to various State Police.

Police have even been beaten up in Ahmadabad, stone pelted in Lucknow and Delhi. Even A Police post has been burnt in Lucknow which could cause life loss of Police personnel.

The big question arises now Is India prepared for handling such protests? Did Modi govt, expecting massive protests to CAA 2019 and handle internal security, had pre-planned well before passing such act to tackle the situation? My simple answer is NO.

Internal security is handled by state police and there is a big alarming fact on count of police personnel.  3 key points which are alarming facts at present situation are:

1-India was short of 5 lakh policemen in 2015. 

2- India's police-population ratios one of the lowest worldwide.

3- Number of policemen lesser than even govt-mandated ratio.

A government-mandated ratio called "sanctioned strength" explains there should be an officer on every 547 Indians, but the number is one for every 720, which is considerably low.

According to a report of ET, 
"A whopping five lakh police posts of the sanctioned strength of 22.63 lakh are lying vacant across the country.

According to Home Ministry statistics, there are 22,63,222 sanctioned posts in police forces of all states in the country, of which 17,61,200 are occupied while 5,02,022 posts are lying vacant.

The highest 1.80 lakh posts are lying vacant in Uttar Pradesh where the sanctioned strength of police force is 3,64,200". Can UP handle violent protest with these  numbers?

The answer to a question in the Parliament reveals that as on January 2014, there was shortfall of 5.6 lakh police personnel against the sanctioned strength of 22.8 lakh or about 25 per cent vacancy. There are some recruitment done by various state police but still India is still short of numbers. 

NOW! With the rising violent protests against CAA, that are surely big challenge to all state police as they are already well short of required standards and outnumbered by protesters, Can India handle its internal security?. Who is resposible for this mess? Should Modi govt not have not considered this situation and pre-planned well to tackle the situation?

Amidst all this, I can only say that police would have to take over extreme pressure and personnel at lower ranks will be at great risk.